Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Mini Pie Revolution Event #3: Pot Pies

The Mini Pie Revolution is taking a break from sugar and we want to see your very best pot pies in single serving form!

Wikipedia says that a pot pie has a bottom and a top crust, but we disagree. We believe that
a pot pie only needs a crust on the top to qualify, though we certainly do approve of crust on the bottom, too!

With meat or without meat, vegan or not, we just want to be inspired by your version of a comforting home-cooked pot pie.

Naturally we don't expect you to make them mini-muffin tin sized-- this isn't dessert after all, it's lunch or dinner! We think a single serving pot pie is about the size of a jumbo muffin cup, a small tart pan, or a ramekin.

To enter:
Bake your mini pot pies from scratch (they must be single-serving). Remember they need a crust on top (biscuits are just fine!)

Photograph your mini pot pies and post about them on your blog, including a link back to this event announcement, before midnight EST, March 26. Then email Ann (at the following:

1) A 150 X 150 mini pot pie portrait
2) Brief description of your mini pie (just the name of the recipe and a one-liner about why it's special is fine)
3) The title of your blog and a link to your blog
4) A link to your mini pot pie entry
5) A link back to this event announcement
6) Make sure your e-mail's subject head is "The Mini Pie Revolution." Please send us your
entry by Midnight EST on March 26, and we will post the results on March 28.

Feel free to use the logo at the top of this post, or this smaller version.

This is a single-serving and and single entry event, so please don't recycle your posts for other events!

Thank you to Andrew of Spittoon Extra and The Daring Bakers for helping to get the word out!

Note: during the last event a lot of our mini pie bakers neglected to email us. We found a lot of posts through technorati, but very likely missed some, so please, please, please do send us the requested information!


Anonymous said...

wow, i just stumbled upon this.. I'm already planning on making a ton of pot pie as the main savory dish of my pi day celebration, i guess i'll have to make a few mini versions for this!

maybellesmom said...

I found this through Heights Eats, and I made a recipe. I have linked to you and will email you later this week (when I reformat the picture.)

chou said...

I can't wait to do this challenge. My evil little brain is happily trolling through a million ideas. Pies. Yum.

maybelles mom said...

Ladies, I was so jazzed about this that I did a pot pie party--where we precooked the fillings and had people make their own. I even had a hand out. (it is all posted back at my site.) thanks for the inspiration.