Friday, March 28, 2008

The Mini Pie Revolution Event #3 Round-Up

Boy, oh boy, do we love pot pies! We decided to organize the round-up by filling type, and are very happy to see such variety and imagination at work here. Thanks to all of our talented revolutionaries for rolling up your sleeves and showing us what you've got!

Chicken Pot Pies

Karen of Gluten Free Sox Fan’s Blog made these delicious-looking gluten-free Chicken Pot Pies with step-by-step instructions. Achieving a flaky crust and a thick gravy filling is always a challenge when cooking gluten-free, so kudos to Karen for a great entry!

Holly of PheMOMenon made jumbo cupcake tin-sized Chicken Pot Pies, chock full of vegetables and homemade gravy. Usually topped with biscuits, Holly adapted her recipe for a top and bottom crust. Looks tasty!

This is Giz of Equal Opportunity Kitchen's first MPR event and first pot pie. As an intrepid cook, she did a little research to understand the basics and then created her own recipe for these rich Chicken Pot Pies. She marinated the chicken breast with herbs and olive oil and then combined it with a melange of vegetables, including the inspired addition of cauliflower. Delicious!

Jen, of Beware The Killer Chicken, was wandering around the internet minding her own business when she found The Revolution. As she was making Turkey Pot Pies for a party anyway, she promptly made a tiny one just for us. Her crust is made of scallion biscuits (yum!) and her filling is her own creation, featuring a little habanero pepper to heat it up.

Cakelaw of Laws of the Kitchen made Chicken and Leek Pot Pies topped with filo and poppy seeds. She added a hot pepper to the mix of vegetables, binding it all together with thickened chicken stock. Delicious and pretty as a picture!

Rachel of Fairy Cake Heaven was coming down with a cold, but that didn't stop her from making these classic Chicken Pot Pies. She adds a little soy sauce to the filling-- an idea we really like.

Beef and Pork Pot Pies

no_relation of Holopis Kuntul Baris, created this single serving Australian Meat Pie for Pi Day and for TMPR. The filling was "Manwich, but homemade," and the finished pies were served over homemade cornmush. Tasty!

Inge of Vanielje Kitchen made these mouthwatering Steak and Mushroom Pot Pies, sourcing the meat from trusted local butcher. She mentions that the beef is free range, well-hung and properly butchered (okay, I know perfectly well she means "well-aged" but guess where my childish mind went?). As if the rich filling weren't enough, Inge also topped her pot pies with homemade puff pastry. Yum!

Marla of Bella Baita View celebrated Pasquetta (the Monday after Easter) with a Spinach Picnic Pot Pie. She used an oil based pastry (so much healthier than butter or shortening!) and added flavor to the mellow spinach and ricotta with speck (cured ham). Perfect for a picnic!

Gretchen of Canela & Comino combined two traditional dishes to bring us Empanada Pot Pies! Her savory beef filling is spiced with red pepper, cumin and olives. Yum!

Tina of Sweet Designs literally turned pizza on its head, with Pizza Pot Pie. Her filling features sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and cheese and her topping is a basic pastry crust. Simple and delicious!

Fish Pot Pies

Your hostess of Redacted Recipes, and co-leader of The Revolution, decided to make Fish Pot Pies, blithely ignoring tradition by topping them with pastry instead of mashed potatoes. The British half of the household pronounced them delicious, proving once again that the "special relationship" between England and America is still strong.

Meatless Pot Pies

Jules of Domestic Goddess in Training created a Purple Sprouting Broccoli Pot Pie just for herself after a successful trip to the market. Spring onions for a little bite and creamy cheddar to bind it all together, and you have the perfect meal.

Cooking Up A Storm made these adorable Tiny Timballos, filled with pasta, peas and hard boiled quail egg, all bound together with a creamy bechamel sauce and enclosed in an asiago-flavored pastry.

Chris of Mele Cotte made savory Sweet Potato Pot Pies, combining mellow sweet potato with corn in a creamy sauce before topping it with puff pastry. Result? Ultimate comfort food!

Meeta of What's For Lunch Honey? and The Daily Tiffin made a sensational Ricotta Spring Vegetable Pot Pie. She notes that she particularly loves the creaminess from the ricotta and the hint of ginger with the Spring vegetables. I particularly love the dedication invloved in making the puff pastry!

Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe let go of her fear of pie-making, rolled up her sleeves and made these lovely Farmhouse Pot Pies, substituting tempeh for chicken. Topped with puff pastry (check out the heart shapes!), they're a treat for the eyes.

Mimi of Mimi on the Move made Mock Chicken Pot Pies, using Morningstar Farms soy "chicken strips," and adapted from a vegetarian pie recipe by Deborah Madison. Love the way she shaped the pastry into flowers for the top!

Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen had never heard of pot pies before this event, so we're very impressed with her for doing some research and creating these Vegetable Pot Pies! She used a spicy Indian style filling and an oil-based pastry recipe. Looks delicious!

Thanks again so much to all of our participants! Viva la revolucion!


Manggy said...

Wow! We've got quite a diversity, I'm impressed! My heart jumped when I saw a pizza pot pie. I'm such a dude. I love the special touches on many of them!

I hope I'll be able to join the next challenge :)

chou said...

I am soooo sad I didn't get around to making any pies this month. What's wrong with me???

Beautiful pies everyone!

I know meme's aren't really your style, but if you're so inclined you've been tagged.

giz said...

What a special and creative group of people.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at all these wonderful pies! Great job organizing this event, Ann :) I'll be reading these for a few days.

Johanna said...

This is an inspiring round up of pies - I really need to make more pies and challenge myself to make pastry (which I haven't done for yonks). Thanks!

Jack said...

Some good-looking pies there, and like all Brits, I love individual-size savoury pies! But I really want to try those timballos. They look amazing.

And I must just add that Ann's fish pies were a delight, and that isn't just my obvious bias talking :-)

Gretchen Noelle said...

What great ideas these are! Pot pies are a wonderful thing to make up and pop in the oven for guests. I will have to use some of these ideas to stock my freezer! Thanks!

And I too am partial towards that pizza pot pie...YUM!

Bellini Valli said...

I'd love to have all of these pies in my freezer at any given time and ready to heat and go:D

Chris said...

Who knew pot pies had so many personalities. This is an Awesome, Awesome round up. I can't wait until Fall comes around again!

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Wow...what an assortment. Sorry, just couldn't figure out what to make...You got such a fab collection here.

SweetDesigns said...

Great Turn out!! am so glad I was able to pull off being involved!!

Tempered Woman said...

I'm so impressed with everybody's creativity! I was at a total loss so I didn't even try~ total loser I know. Who cares, I got a boatload to try now. Thanks for the great ideas and recipes~ Viva la revolution!

Jeanna said...

You have some great ideas there. Some of those pot pies are little works of edible art.

Livros e Revistas said...
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Lina said...

wonderful roundup! I just made a mini blueberry pie yesterday!

Lina said...

wonderful roundup! I just made a mini blueberry pie yesterday!

Meeta said...

Nice one Ann! Love all these ideas. I am so looking forward to the next one!

Anonymous said...

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