Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Events of Note

Here are some food blog events featuring our favorite... PIE! Please follow the links and consider entering one of these events with a mini pie!

Kitchen Parade is hosting Pi Day! Recipes For Homemade Pie with submissions due anytime between March 10th and 14th. We approve of any pie-related events and suggest you make 3.14 tiny pies to spread the word about the Mini Pie Revolution!

The next Sugar High Friday is being hosted by Vampituity and is also all about pie. Entries are due February 22nd. Another great opportunity to get more mini pies out there!


Alanna said...

Mini pies are much welcome! I've actually got my eye out for small pie dishes that would do a 'half' or 'quarter' pie.

Arleen said...

Thanks for announcing this event. It's on my calendar!