Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Preheat Your Ovens - It's The Mini Pie Revolution

Maybe you've always preferred pie to cake. Maybe you like tiny things. Maybe you feel, in your gut, that the cupcake's so last year. Well now it's time to preheat your ovens, fill your cupcake tins with mini pies, and aim your cameras at the delicious results. If you're not with us, you don't get any mini pie.

Your Mission

Bake a mini pie from scratch. Mini pies should be baked in a cupcake or muffin tins, but we'll let you get away with other pans if the resulting pies remain miniature. Just how small are mini pies? Aim for mini cupcake or cupcake-sized pies. No mini pie should serve more than one person. Still, we're no size-ists here at The Mini Pie Revolution HQ. We're not going to pull out tape measures.

We prefer that you use legal ingredients, as clever as "pot" pies might sound. So no endangered animals or mind-enhacing drugs, people! Your mini pies can be sweet or savory, single-crusted, double-crusted, open-faced, baby-faced or ugly-faced. We only ask that the pie has some sort of crust (pastry pie dough, as in apple pie) or other topping (mashed potatoes on shepherd's pie, cornbread crust on Mexican pot pie, etc.). No completely naked pies, as that is indecent and illegal we'd have to call the pie authorities.

Really, the sky's the mini pie limit. Have you always wanted to make sushi pie? Here's your chance! Eggplant custard pies? We won't say "no." Do you want to miniaturize your favorite tried-and-true gooseberry pie recipe? Go ahead! Simply put, your mini pie can be anything and everything you want to bake.

The Strategem

Create your mini pies. Photograph your mini pies. Write about your mini pies on your blog. Include a link back to this event announcement. Then:

E-mail Ann (at redactedrecipes@gmail.com) or Karyn (at Kosmicfish27ATaolDOTcom) the following:

1) A 100 X 100 mini pie portrait
2) Brief description of your mini pie (just the name of the recipe is fine)
3) The title of your blog and a link to your blog
4) A link to your mini pie entry
5) Make sure your e-mail's subject head is "The Mini Pie Revolution"

Please send us your entry by Midnight EST on December 25, and we will post the results by January 1, 2008. Let's make 2008 the year of mini pies! The winning mini pie baker will be chosen by Ann and Karyn and will receive a fabulous prize. So get baking!

Feel free to use the Mini Pie Revolution Logo in our sidebar on your post or on your blog.


adele said...

Have you thought about submitting this event to Is My Blog Burning?


Sophie said...

This is a hilarious post! It's also a great idea, and I'm going to put together a *mini* blog just to put up a post and participate.

Ann said...

You rawk, Sophie!

Ann said...

Thanks Adele... we did. It just took a while to make it happen. :-) We're also up at Sticky Date. Can't wait to see the mini pies!

Ann at Redacted Recipes

idontwantyourcalamari said...

Love the blog! I think you're really on to something here. I never liked cupcakes!

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Hi Ann...first time here & LOVE it! Manggy sent me here after reading my choclate tartlets post. Wish I'd got here in time for the round-up...:0(!! I've got a couple of mini thingies posted there. When's the next event?
LOL Deeba

binders said...

Yeah! An update! I spent all day yesterday baking mini-pies and will do the same today. It's so fun! Mine aren't as gourmet as the ones here but not bad. I'm using my pasta machine to flatten the pie crust to a very thin consistentcy (I don't love the crust) and using the noodle cutters to make my lattice strips.